Get Clarity to Be Seen and RememberedBe Able to Articulate YOUR Customer-Focused Purpose in 10-Words or Less.
A big part of credibility is clarity.

How do you answer the question when someone asks, “What do you do?” Does it take you five or ten minutes to answer?

In a world where we're inundated with content, somebody who takes ten or twenty minutes to answer this simple question may not be considered someone who is likeable or trustworthy.

If this is you, you need clarity so prospects understand what you offer quickly and referral partners can easily recommend you.

How much would you pay to be able to clearly and articulately say who you serve and have others not only remember it, they go out of their way to recommend you?
For just $5,000, you get:

1. Your clarity session is with Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy who will help you articulate your Customer Point of Possibilities (CPoP) that’s 10 words or less. Guaranteed that you’ll love your CPoP in the first 48 hours or your money back.

2. Access to the CPoP course which is a supplementary course to this service.

Lifetime access to Credibility Nation (valued at $997).

 One-on-one check-in within 2 weeks for a CPoP affirmation with Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy (valued at $500)

One-on-one check-in within 3 months for a CPoP affirmation with Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy (valued at $500)

​Your CPoP is your compass! It acts as your North Star to guide what you do on and offline. 

Your CPoP will make it easy for the "right" prospects to feel aligned with you, and for the "right" partners to easily and willingly want to share "YOU". 
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